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Once completed please email to:



Email to: Dalila Perez                   (772) 597-3848 X51161

Indiantown Adult High School

Email to:  Rosa Williams                    (772) 597-3848 X51162  

 *If you are unable to email, please print and bring with you. We have paper copies available if needed at your appointment. All students will need a picture ID and $30 money order upon enrollment.

Indiantown Adult Education

Indiantown Adult Learning Center

Indiantown Adult High School

  • Alternative High School Option (Standard Martin County Diploma)

  • Accelerated, Flexible, Self-Paced learning

  • Hours: 8:00am to 2:00pm Monday-Friday

  • Minimum of 20 hours of attendance REQUIRED per week (12 On Campus)

  • Must be 16 years of age

ESOL/GED Classes available

GED Classes

  • State of Florida High School Diploma

  • Classes focused on GED test prep (Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science)

  • Student schedule based on TABE/CASAS test results to ensure proper placement

  • Must be 16 years of age

 Class Schedules:

  • Daytime: 12 per week required

  • Monday-Thursday

  • 12pm to 3pm

  • Out of classwork expected via teacher Google Classrooms

  • Evening TBD based on enrollment

 ESOL Classes

  • Literacy, Citizenship, Civics, Math, Career Education

  • Remote or in person learning options

  • Student schedule based on TABE/CASAS test results to ensure proper placement

  • Must be 16 years of age

 Class Schedules:

  • Daytime: 16 hours per week required

  • Monday-Thursday   8:30am to 1:30pm

  • Fridays by appointment with teacher

  • Homework expected via teacher Google Classrooms to reinforce classroom instruction

  •  Evening 14 hours per week required

  • Monday-Thursday     5pm to 9pm

  • Fridays by appointment with teacher

  • Classwork required during the week through additional assignments given by the teacher via teacher Google Classroom

About Us

Indiantown Adult Learning Center/High School

  • 15255 SW Jackson Ave                                                Coordinator of Adult Education

  • Indiantown FL 34956                                                     Melissa Eversdyke              

  • 772-597-3848 x51164 (Barbara Parker)            772-219-1200 x43161 or x51160                                     

8:00am to 8:00pm                                                               

 GED/Technical Questions:                                  High School/ General Questions:

  • Michael Boyd                                                            Joshua Burgess                                          

  • Assessment Facilitator                                      Dean of Students                                        

  • 772-219-1200 x 43164 772-219-1200 x43143                                                


 ESOL Questions:                                                  

  • Dalila Perez (Day)                                                    Lizandra Dominguez (Evening)

  • Data Entry Clerk                                                       Clerk

  • 772-219-1200x51161 772-219-1200x51164                          


Teaching Staff:

  • James Laitman                     Silvia Ruiz Santiago            Kathleen Snore

  • ESOL  (Day)                           ESOL  (Evening)                    GED/ ABE/ ESOL

  • (Afternoon/Evening)

  • 772-219-1200 x51166 772-219-1200 x51168 772-219-1200x 51169        

772-219-1200 x51166         772-219-1200 x51168         772-219-1200 x51169      

Maps & Directions Indiantown Campus

Martin County Test Center

Pearson Vue Testing Center

Martin County operates a Pearson Vue testing center at our Stuart Campus. In addition to the GED exam we offer a wide variety of assessments through the Pearson Vue Test Center for a range of testing. 

GED testers  need to pass the four subtests of the GED® exam (Math, Science, Reading and Social Studies)  to earn a State of Florida High School Diploma, also known as GED Diploma. 

To earn a State of Florida High School Diploma, through the GED exam, student must score at least 145 points on each sub-test.

Students can also schedule to test at